Terms and Conditions Scrapee.net

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1 - Information collected:

Scrapee is a free online application used to edit and add effects and frames to photos.

2 - Content posted in Scrapee:

Users of the site are fully responsible for the content contained in pictures and images carry to the site is expressly forbidden posting any content with caracteríscias below:

Pornographic, nude, vulgar, racist or offensive.

That infringes or violates rights of others or the law, such as photos of people who have not authorized the use of photo of them for such purposes.

Users can be held responsible for content that posting, even criminally.

3 - Hosting of the images sent and generated on the site, and privacy of the same.

Assemblies created in Scrapee.net are stored on our servers for periods lasting from a few days to months! If you disagree with this, do not use the Scrapee.net - Despite this, the URLs of the images have dozens of characters generated ramdomicamente, making them inaccessible to those who do not have the URL of the tables. In this way, if not shared, the chance that someone else has access to them, it is very tiny.

10 - Guarantees

Despite our commitment to maintaining the safety and quality of our services, we can not guarantee that it will be offered on an ongoing basis.

11 - Rights Scrapee.net

We reserve the right at any time if deem necessary, remove any content posted by users, without the need to communicate them.

We reserve the right at any time to stop all our services if we will suffer a technical problem that precludes us from continuing with our operations

12 - Privacy Terms

"This site may use cookies and / or web beacons when a user has access to the pages. Cookies can be used to associate themselves (if any) only with the browser of a computer. Cookies are used on this site can be installed by the same which are originated from different servers operated by him, or from servers of third parties that provide services and install cookies and / or web beacons (for example, cookies are employees to provide advertising services or certain content through which the user viewing the advertising content or predetermined time). The user can search the hard drive of your computer as instructed by the browser itself. User has the ability to configure your browser to be advised on the computer screen on the receipt of cookies and to prevent their installation disk. Information relevant to this configuration are available in manuals and instructions of the browser. "

13 - Changes in Terms of Use and Privacy

We may at any time make changes to these terms!